Permanent penis enlargement is possible if you give the Male Edge penis extender a try. And you may be wondering exactly how to use the device, and how the penis traction method works in enabling you to get a bigger penis in a safe and natural way. All of our Male Edge penis extenders packages come with access to an instructional video explaining how to use the Male Edge device and giving some more detailed information on exactly how the penis traction method of penis enlargement works. The instructional video gives step-by-step instructions showing how to put on the device, how to adjust the traction and other informational and instructional points. But here we’ll briefly outline the process.
The penis is inserted into the Male Edge penis extender device. A ring circles the base of the penis and there’s a support for the head. Two arms attach the base and the head support, and run alongside parallel to the penis. These arms can be extended to apply a light stretch to the penis, which when worn for a number of hours every day, will start the penis traction process. Over time, as the penis gets bigger the arms can be further adjusted to give more stretch to the penis. Most men see results after a few months, but it can take up to six months. But with your dedication to the program, we guarantee you’ll make your penis bigger. See here for our user documented results, and here to read more about our Money back Guarantee.

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