Why MaleEdge is the best?

The Pros of Choosing a MaleEdge Extender

The method of penis traction to enlarge your penis is by far superior to other techniques of getting a bigger penis. It’s safe, natural and the results are permanent – and if used correctly is risk and pain free. If you’ve already been researching the best methods of male enhancement, we’re sure you’ll agree that penis extenders using penis traction is the best way of growing your penis. But if not, read more information here about the various methods available to you and the pros and cons of each.

Even if you agree that penis traction to get a bigger penis is the best method, you may still have some queries and concerns around use the MaleEdge penis extender device. Here we aim to ease any worries you may have.

Will I Have an Allergic or Skin Reaction When Using MaleEdge?

Creams and pills for penis enlargement may leave you at risk of having allergic or skin reactions. But using the penis traction method that MaleEdge does this eliminates this risk. Any reaction you may get from using another penis traction device on the market could be due to the device manufacturers using low-quality materials. MaleEdge penis extender uses only top quality materials, so you don’t need to be worried about skin reactions.

Can Some Penis Enlargement Methods Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes – some techniques to grow your penis will give you erection problems. For example, if you choose to undergo penis enlargement surgery (phalloplasty), there is a real risk that you could end up with erection problems, and in extreme cases erectile dysfunction (ED). But using the MaleEdge method of penis traction means there’s no risk of a weaker erection. In fact, some men report that after using the MaleEdge extender, they feel like their erections are even stronger! This is due to increased cell activity and blood flow resulting from the MaleEdge penis extender method.

Will Using the MaleEdge Penis Enlarger Hurt?

This is understandably a common fear when it comes to deciding whether you should try a penis traction device such as the MaleEdge extender. It’s dealing with a sensitive area. But if you follow the instructions and recommended MaleEdge training schedule, the MaleEdge penis enlarger is completely safe to use and is risk and pain free. At worst, you may feel a little discomfort, but it should never be more than that, and after a couple of weeks when your penis has got used to the stretch, the discomfort should subside.