What Is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device that is worn over the penis to slightly stretch the skin over a number of hours every day. As you get more comfortable using the device, and the skin starts to stretch, you gradually increase the force and traction on the device and increase the number of hours per day you’re wearing the device. The MaleEdge penis extender is a penis enlargement device which uses phalogenic traction to make your penis bigger, in both length and girth. Penis extenders are the most popular method to grow your penis. With the exception of surgery, penis traction is the only method out there medically proven to give you a longer and thicker penis. But unlike surgical procedures for penis enlargement, male enhancement devices that use penis traction to make your penis bigger don’t carry any serious risks. It can be done in the comfort of your own home, is safe if used correctly, and is a natural way to enlarge your penis. Find out more about other penis enlargement techniques and options available to grow your penis here. We’re sure you’ll agree that penis traction is the best method of getting a bigger penis.

The MaleEdge penis extender can also help with fixing penile curvatures. Even serious curvatures such as those associated with Peyronie’s disease or chordee can be fixed with the MaleEdge. Find out more about how the MaleEdge penis enlargement device can help with Peyronie’s disease here and chordee here.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

  • Penis extenders continuously stretch the penis for a number of hours every day

  • Wearing a penis extender every day for a few months will make your penis bigger by the method of penis traction. Read more about how penis traction works here

  • Penis extenders such as the MaleEdge device will lengthen and thicken your penis

  • They can also help to straighten a bent or curved penis, for example if you’ve been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease

  • Due to the penis traction method that the MaleEdge penis extender uses, new cells are formed as a result, causing your penis to get bigger or straighter

How Often Do You Need to Use the Penis Extender?

Many men think wearing the penis extender for longer than recommended will give them quicker results. However, this is not the most efficient way to obtain a quicker penis enlargement. Penis extenders are designed to increase the penis length and thickness over a longer period of time because it’s a natural process. By wearing the MaleEdge device for the recommended number of hours every day for several months, your penis will get bigger. But it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and for some men they’ll notice results in just a few months, whereas for others it might take up to six months. But if you persevere and you’re dedicated to following the program and using the device in the correct way every day, we guarantee you will see significant results in growing your penis. Read more about our recommended start-up and training schedule here.

Why You Should Buy the MaleEdge Penis Extender

The MaleEdge penis extender is approved as a Class 1 medical device. It’s the safest and most natural method to enlarge your penis. You may have considered penis enlargement surgery, also known as phalloplasty, as a quick way of making your penis bigger, but surgery doesn’t always produce the results that were expected. In fact, most men who have penile surgery regret their decision afterwards. MaleEdge can guarantee you 100% that you will see results in making your penis longer and wider after using our penis extender properly. And if you’re wanting to correct a curved or bent penis, the MaleEdge can do that too, giving you a straighter penis and also lengthening it in the process. We’re so confident you’ll see results using the MaleEdge penis extender, we even offer you a double money back guarantee if you don’t see any results in growing your penis after the recommended minimum treatment period. Read more about our double money back guarantee here.

The great thing about the MaleEdge penis extender is that it’s totally discreet and you can get a bigger penis in the comfort of your own home. After following our recommended slow start-up schedule, and you’re comfortable wearing the the penis extender for longer periods of time, you can even wear it during the day under loose trousers. Using a MaleEdge penis extender is pretty much risk-free, unlike a lot of other methods of penis enlargement out there. As long as you’re using it correctly, it’s pain-free and comfortable. You can even wear it at night whilst you’re asleep if you’re not prone to moving around too much. And even if you do, the worst that can happen is that the device will just slip off. And what’s more, the MaleEdge takes advantage of a completely natural bodily process, so you can achieve a safe, natural and permanent penis enlargement – guaranteed.

Our MaleEdge penis extenders come in three different packages, each with various extra accessories to help you achieve the gains you desire. Check our three available kits here. Safe, natural, comfortable and a 100% guarantee it works.