Penile Traction Device

Learn more about this product, its results and the solid science behind the design.

Being thrilled with your genitalia’s size can be just a few weeks or months away with MaleEdge as your secret weapon.

Penis Traction Device

Countless numbers of men have concerns about their genitalia. They want an enhanced size or shape for their penises. In the past, nature and genetics defined the genitalia’s size with no changes possible. The 21st century has brought on a revolution for men’s private concerns, however. There are many products and strategies to lengthen and add girth to the average penis. You might be considering a penile traction device, such as the MaleEdge. Taking control of your genitalia’s size is part of being a modern man. Learn more about this product, its results and the solid science behind the design. Being thrilled with your genitalia’s size can be just a few weeks or months away with MaleEdge as your secret weapon.

Well Designed

Safe to Use

Product Design

The penis is naturally a sensitive organ. Any product that’s designed to extend or enhance the genitalia must take sensitivity into consideration. MaleEdge has a simple design, but with fantastic results after consistent use.


This specific penile extender device comes with two comfortable rings and accompanying rods. Men place one ring at the base of their penises and the other ring near the tip. The rods connect between the two rings so that they remain parallel to the shaft without touching it. Because the rings are the only parts actually touching the tissue, they have considerable padding for your comfort.


By following the instructions on MaleEdge, the rings and rods work together for increased penile length and girth over time. With the exception of some pressure, the genitalia don’t go through any major strain or stress. You’re simply left with genitalia that can be enhanced with regular use of MaleEdge.

Keeping Safety in Mind

A misconception that often accompanies a penile traction device revolves around a quick fix. These devices stretch the tissue, so the organ must respond in a rapid manner after only a few uses. Be aware that any penile traction therapy requires time. Stretching the tissue over time creates safe conditions for your body and sensitive areas. Any device that’s advertised as a quick fix for small genitalia may not be designed with your safety in mind.

For example, MaleEdge is a device that demands a commitment of at least a few months. In fact, many customers see a visible difference after about one to two months of regular use. Stretching the genitalia one or two times over a week or so won’t change anything. If this were the case, genitalia issues wouldn’t have ever been a concern for men across the globe.

A gentle stretch performed over several months is how you’ll see a real change in your body. You also become more familiar with your body as the device highlights your genitalia each time.

Understanding the Science Behind Traction

Stretching bodily tissue to encourage growth does have a solid basis in science. When you apply a penis traction device to your body, the stretching action is actually creating new tissue cells for increased mass. Some of the new cells also expand in different directions than the lateral retraction force, and hence the girth also increases from the traction treatment.

Also known as cytokinesis, this replication process creates many new cells that make up extra tissue along the penis’s shaft. This concept applies to any injury across the body. If you sustained an injury to your finger, such as a paper cut, the body would respond with new tissue to repair the area. This example is why MaleEdge is a product that has real potential to give you a larger and wider shaft.

Similar to a paper cut, however, new cells and tissue cannot be created overnight. The process takes time to occur.

Making Time for Traction

To make penile traction therapy as comfortable as possible, starting out slowly is the key. Your body must acclimate to the stretching sensation. Ideally, apply MaleEdge to the genitalia for five to 15 minutes at first. There should be a gentle pulling on the organ. Take this time to adjust the device so that there’s no overwhelming discomfort. Traction shouldn’t be painful. This type of sensation is not the goal. For many men, they report a relaxing sensation as they get accustomed to the device.

On subsequent days, wear the device for longer periods of time. Wearing the device for several hours at a time is preferable after a few weeks of use. Some men even wear it to work if they have baggier clothing. Committing to the device can translate into a noticeably longer penile length/girth in a few months. Daily use is recommended for the best results, but breaks won’t affect the results of the traction time already done.

Comparing With Surgery

Traction products are an entirely different strategy to lengthening/widening the penis when compared to surgery. Any medical procedure to enlarge the genitalia has considerable risks. There can be real issues with erectile function if the procedure doesn’t go as planned. The shape may not be as you defined it with the surgeon. There’s also considerable recovery time with any surgery. In addition, anesthesia must be involved, which can have its own risks based on your medical history.

MaleEdge doesn’t require any invasive surgeries or expensive commitments – nor even seeing a doctor. It merely uses the body’s reaction to traction to create new tissue. Traction products don’t have the instantaneous effects of surgery, but you do take away those multiple risks of going under the knife as well. Simply stretching the tissue while you’re in control of the pressure is safe and effective over time. Let patience be your guide to a more satisfying size of genitalia.

The Pump Comparison

Pumps or vacuums have been in the marketplace for many years. Men often turn to these traditional methods of gaining size because of familiarity. It’s true that the genitalia will appear larger after using a pump or vacuum because it’s stimulated or engorged with blood. Their application, however, has been marketed on misconceptions.

A pump cannot give you a larger penis size. It doesn’t offer long-term results. Stretching the tissue over time will stimulate cellular growth. Over time, the penis can look larger with measurable results.

In fact, overuse of these pumps can result in damage to the tissue, and blood vessels. Continued use of the vacuum pump will force the blood from the damaged vessels towards to outside of the penis shaft, giving it a rather unattractive purple/black color. They’re only designed for irregular use when an erection is desired. Working with a traction device can give you better results without the risk of injury, and the penis enlargement is permanent.

Real Results

MaleEdge is one of those products with real results published online. Real men have participated in studies where their experiences are documented with precise measurements.

For example, their genitals were measured beforehand with an erect shape. After several months of undergoing traction, their organs were measured once again. In many cases, the genitalia grew in size by several inches. Keep in mind that every person will have a unique experience with traction, but the results come from a wide range of consumers who’re pleased with the product.

These results were often taken after 14 weeks of regular use with the device. It’s possible to see even more length with the device if you apply it each day for an even longer time period. Your commitment to traction can improve those results over time.

Regarding Medical Conditions

MaleEdge isn’t designed to cure any ailments, such as Peyronie’s Disease. There are some findings, however, that document an improvement with penis size and shape when it comes to this particular issue and use of traction products.

Peyronie’s Disease can occur without injury or notice to men over 40 years of age. The genitalia may be misshapen, curved or in pain. It often develops slowly so that the shape continues to bend as you notice the difference. This ailment is normally diagnosed by a medical professional at some point.

Many men simply live with this condition while their sexual experiences diminish in intensity. There’s no reason why a traction product can’t improve large parts of this ailment’s effects on the genitalia.

By stretching the penis on a regular basis, the traction might improve a curve or misshapen organ. For many men, simply doing something about the ailment can increase their confidence when it comes to sexual experiences. You’re doing something proactive that may help the penis regain its previous shape. In fact, it will create extra length or girth aside from the alignment assistance.

Other medical conditions, such as erectile dysfunction, may improve with traction methods. By stimulating the penile tissue with traction, nourishing blood and nutrients visit the region. As the body responds to the traction with new cells for healing the tissue, erectile functions can be enhanced. Many users report this added benefit of using a penile traction device.

Be aware that any dysfunction cannot be solved with just one solution. You may require a number of different methods, including a doctor’s care, to see erectile improvement. Stretching through traction has only positive benefits when properly performed. Adding traction to your daily routine can only help a man feel better about his body and performance.

There are other methods of traction, such as manual strategies. Learn more about this concept so that you can make a good decision about your next treatment strategy. MaleEdge continues to prove its worth in the marketplace as a product that can improve penile appearances and function.

Better than Surgery

Genuine Results

Phalogenic Traction​

You may have heard of phalogenic-traction processes when researching penis size and noninvasive strategies. Phalogenics is essentially a system of strategies to lengthen and widen the genitalia. Add the term “traction” to the word, and you create the process that the MaleEdge offers. A product that produces tension across the penis’s shaft is basically performing phalogenic traction.
Before these devices were available, however, there were plenty of other strategies for genitalia improvement. Learn more about manual traction and its drawbacks. Using today’s technology, including MaleEdge, can typically offer better and safer results than the alternatives.

Defining Manual Traction

Phalogenics often refers to manually stretching the penis for similar results to the MaleEdge. Men essentially follow a set of instructions that ultimately stretches the penis in several different ways. It can be bent, pulled and manipulated in order to achieve a larger organ than before. This process may appear to be a pleasuring experience, but the stretching exercises can be complex. You’re trying to create tension on the tissue and not massaging it.
In fact, manual traction has many drawbacks, so be aware of these concerns before trying any exercises.

Learning About the Drawbacks

Injury is entirely possible when a person manually stretches the penile tissue. Primarily pulling nerves and veins in the complex penis shaft.
Consider how MaleEdge cradles and stretches the penis. The product does all the work. The penis remains in a safe position as the rods carefully stretch the tissue in minute increments.
Manual traction can be tiring for both the hands and stretched tissue. It’s incredibly easy to place too much or too little pressure on the tissue with just your hands. Injuries aren’t uncommon in these cases.
In addition, some of the exercises require either an erect or flaccid position with the genitalia. Consumers who don’t follow the instructions as carefully as possible can injure themselves. These injuries can be serious types, which may require a professional’s assistance.
There’s no accurate way to determine if you’re placing enough pressure on the penis with a manual method. Real results stem from a gradual increase in pressure and stretch across the tissue when traction products are part of the method. Because the human hand cannot be quantified when it comes to pressure, manual methods don’t usually show off noticeable results.
The MaleEdge starts you off with slight pressure and intensifies the sensation over several weeks. Simply adjust the device whenever necessary. There’s no real effort to using the MaleEdge. It performs the stretching calculations for you.
It’s also impossible to manually stretch the penis with your hands for hours at a time. The MaleEdge can be worn as you work in an office or relax on the couch. You remain hands free at all times.
It’s also impossible to manually stretch the penis with your hands for hours at a time. The MaleEdge can be worn as you work in an office or relax on the couch. You remain hands free at al When considering a penile traction therapy device, every man will have their own opinions about which product is working for them. Perform your own research with science-based facts by your side. MaleEdge is a product that can make a difference in your penile length and girth. With its success abroad and in the United States, this penis traction device is worth a careful look. Feeling confident about your genitalia can contribute to enhanced self-confidence overall. Do something for yourself that has a permanent effect on erectile function and shape with a commitment to MaleEdge.l times.

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