Will Using the MaleEdge
Extender Hurt?

If you’ve been researching the various penis enlargement methods out there, you may be wondering which ones may cause you pain. The MaleEdge penis extender uses penis traction as a technique to make your penis bigger in both length and girth. Penis traction is the safest and most natural option to go for if you’re looking to grow your penis, and is also pain-free. Other methods, such as penis enlargement surgery, aren’t just very costly, but you’ll also be left pretty sore for at least a few weeks if not more. And pills and creams for penis enlargement can cause allergic or skin reactions, so can cause pain in that way.

But with the MaleEdge penis extender, you can grow your penis pain-free. At worst, you may feel just slight discomfort at the beginning of the program, but if you’re using the device correctly it should not be painful at all. And any discomfort will ease after a short while of using the device. Find out more about how other methods of penis enlargement can cause pain here.

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