Vacuum Devices and Penis Pumps

Do Penis Pumps Work?

A vacuum device or penile pump works by placing a cylinder, often made of acrylic, over the penis, and then the attached pump is used to draw the air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum. This in turn forces blood to flow into the penis and results in an erection. Vacuum devices can come with a hand or electric pump. To this extent, vacuum devices or penis pumps for male enhancement do help to make your penis bigger, but only in so much as it helps you to achieve an erection if you’re having difficulties in doing so. But that’s as far as they go in helping to grow your penis. Vacuum devices and penile pumps help with erection problems and erectile dysfunction, but they will not give you a bigger penis permanently.

Studies have shown the long-term result of repeatedly using a vacuum device or penile pump actually gives no significant increase in size after six months of using it. These devices also may give the user the placebo effect of a longer, thicker penis, but ultimately, it’s unlikely to give visible long-lasting results in enlarging your penis.

Penis pumps can also give you unwanted side effects, especially if you don’t follow the instructions correctly. Some users report side effects such as pin-sized red dots known as ‘petechiae’, which are caused by bleeding under the surface of the skin. It may also cause the feeling of your semen feeling trapped when you ejaculate, or could even make ejaculating feel quite painful.

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