Small Penis?

Problem Solved: My Boyfriend Has a Small Penis

They say, size doesn’t matter but what if you’re never satisfied in bed? You love your partner and want to spend your entire life with him. However, every time you think about sex, your happiness vanishes.

Despite all the facts, the penis size does matter and it can either ruin or strengthen your relationship. After all, you can’t fake orgasm all the time. When you see his little buddy, your sexual desire disappears as you have trouble accepting his size.

Do you know the most surprising fact? It’s not a man with a small penis who ruins the relationship, it’s a woman with too high requirements are to blame. Even if your man has a small dick, there are tons of ways to solve this problem. Read on to find out

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What’s the penis size of your ex boyfriend’s dick? Do you know how normal sized penis look? It’s essential for women to know why some guys have small penises before judging them. Just think about women with small boobs. The worst mistake women commit when they see a short penis of a man is ruining his identity and lowering his self-esteem. In reality, women have no idea what short penises look like.
Are you sure his penis is actually small? Do you know the average size of the penis? Just because other guys you had sex with had bigger penises doesn’t mean your partner has a short dick. Chances are, he has an average sized one.
According to one research that involved over 15,000 men, the average length of the erect penis is 5.2 inches (13.12 cm) and the average length of the flaccid penis is 3.6 inches (9.16 cm). The average size of penis circumference is 4.6 inches (11.66 cm) when it’s erect and 3.7 inches (9.31 cm) when it’s flaccid.
The major cause of a small and micropenis is hypogonadism. The inconspicuous dick isn’t as short as a micropenis, but it definitely looks shorter than the length of the average sized penis. Why? Well, there are several causes to consider:

Cause 1:

Trapped penis. When a circumcision fails to heal the healthy way, the penis gets trapped beneath the skin right after circumcision. Besides sex

Cause 2:

Webbed penis. This occurs when the scrotum skin gets attached too high on the manhood. It alters the angle at which the penis should rest and thus the penis looks shorter than a normal sized penis. A penis extender or cosmetic surgery can aid in preventing and treating this male woe.

Cause 3:

Buried penis. The cause of a buried penis is hidden in excess skin accumulation around the dick. In this case, a penis is located beneath the thigh, stomach, or scrotum and is hard to spot. Guys with buried penises can have problems with sexual arousal.
If you had several partners before your current man, you might automatically compare him with your exes who probably had bigger dicks. If he is your first man, then you might not even notice that he has a small penis. Anyway, it’s still possible to have fantastic sex with a guy who has a small penis. There are a few rules to stick to, though.
If you want to feel sensations during sex with a short dick, be sure you skip foreplay. Or, you can keep it as short as possible. This way, you’ll at least experience a penetration. Many ladies fake orgasm because they don’t want to see their men sad and depressed. It’s a bad idea, though. Let him know about his problem and try to solve it together.
Natural penis enlargement takes up to 6 months so meanwhile, you can experiment in bed. It’s imperative to be honest with your men and show your support. Avoid judging him. If he wears a penis extender, support him instead of making fun out of him. For example, help your man to put the extender on. This way, you’ll show that you really support him.


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Penis size can’t kill true love

There’s always a way out. Penis size matters but it can’t kill true love. Moreover, many women don’t get sexual satisfaction and orgasm from penile penetration. A big penis can simply be a woman’s sexual preference – especially if she tends to reach vaginal orgasms. According to research posted in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who achieve more vaginal than clitoral orgasms look for men with bigger penises, because they enjoy penile penetration.
On the other hand, clitoral orgasms bring as much sexual pleasure as vaginal orgasms. Oral sex and masturbation are the two most effective ways to achieve clitoral orgasms. Besides this fact, it’s critical to pay attention to his erection. His dick might look shorter because he might not achieve a full erection.
Whether your significant other has a short penis or a micropenis, it doesn’t mean your sex life will be boring. First of all, you can fix this problem together. There are many male enhancement products available on the market, such as penis extenders and pumps. At the worst, you can opt for surgical treatments. It’s important that your partner recognizes the problem, though. Otherwise, penis enlargement is impossible.

You can still have fantastic sex with a guy with a small penis

Your clitoris is the hub of your sexual system, so whether his penis is small or big, both of you can learn the clitoral stimulation techniques that guarantee incredible orgasms. There are fingering technique videos, so learn and experiment together. If you want deeper penetration, vibrator or fisting can save the situation.
You can also ask him to wear a masturbation sleeve during sex in order to increase his girth and let two of you feel absolutely new sensations. There are also dildos and lubricants that your boyfriend can use for deeper penetration. Feel free to experiment with sex positions for better friction and clitoral stimulation.

Benefits of Penis Extender

Wearing a penis extender every day for a few months will make your penis bigger by the method of penis traction. Read more about how penis traction works here.

Benefits of Penis ExtenderHow to Enlarge Small Penis Size Temporary and Permanently

Although sex toys can spice up your sex life, don’t you want to permanently enlarge the size of your man’s penis? When it comes to permanent male enhancement, surgery might be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, there are a few non-surgical methods to consider.
Penis stretching is one of the most effective ways to enhance the girth and length of a short dick. Depending on how you perform penis stretching – manually or with a specific device – you can get permanent or temporary penis enlargement.

Penis stretching exercises

Penis stretching exercises are believed to provide temporary penis enlargement, but it’s a cost-free and effective way to get a bigger penis. The warm-up before you start doing penis stretching exercises is required. The goal of penile stretching is to achieve 30-50% erection. Wrap a penis with a towel soaked in warm water and remove it after 15 minutes. Once you’re done, start doing the following stretching exercises:

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The method of penis traction to enlarge your penis is by far superior to other techniques of getting a bigger penis. It’s safe, natural and the results are permanent – and if used correctly is risk and pain free.

Penis Extenders

When compared to penis stretching exercises, stretching with a penis extender offers permanent male enhancement results in about 6 months. Top quality extenders aren’t budget-friendly, but they work faster than exercises and help to increase penis size in more than an inch. What’s a penis extender? This is a modern device than men wear along their penises for 4 to 6 hours to enlarge a short penis. A penis extender usually features 2 rings with one being placed at the penile head and the second one being placed at the flaccid penile base, along with a traction device being running along the shaft’s sides.
Penis extenders aid in stretching the flaccid penis, making it appear longer. It’s vital to choose clinically tested and medically approved device in order to avoid complications. Poor quality extenders cause discomfort, pain, and injuries. So be sure to consult a medical expert when choosing a penis stretcher. Some of the safest and clinically tested extenders include SizeGenetics and JES Extender, among the others. These extenders use the traction method to enlarge a short penis
Not only does a penis extender help to increase penis size, but it can also be helpful in treating different manhood woes, including prostate cancer and Peyronie’s disease. A scientific review found that the regular use of a quality penis stretcher helped to fix penile curvature in males diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease. Moreover, a lot of men experienced a significant increase in their penis sizes.
A penis extender helps to stretch the penile tissues, promoting the existing cell breakdown and the growth of the new cells. Remember, not all penis extenders are created for daily use. Try to wear your penis extender indoors to prevent discomfort.

Surgical penis enlargement Treatments

Unless your boyfriend has a micropenis, he doesn’t need penis enlargement surgery. Surgery isn’t a joke and it can ruin your health or even life. There are tons of surgical treatments, including lengthening and widening a short penis. The American Urologic Association claims that both surgical treatments might be risky or ineffective.
Furthermore, these surgical treatments haven’t been approved by any major medical organization. Some of the worst side effects of penis enlargement surgery are poor penile sensitivity, infections, nerve damage, and various erection issues. When opting for the penile widening surgery, you can end up with an uneven, bumpy, and lumpy dick. Not to mention that scarring can make a penis appear even shorter than it was.
If your boyfriend has a small penis and he’s someone you truly love, you can solve his problem together. Help him to do penis stretching exercises or invest in a top quality penis extender and have fun together. Instead of blaming your boyfriend for having a small dick and killing his self-esteem, show him your love, support, and respect. Help his little buddy grow and see your sex life improve.

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