Here's how you can find the best penis extender on the market today

Statistics show that almost every man has thought about penis enlargement at least once in life. Gone are the days where penis enlargement was something impossible or super expensive. Nowadays, you can permanently increase the size of your small or average-sized buddy in a non-surgical way. It’s not about all those miraculous male enhancement supplements that don’t actually work. Surgery isn’t the best penis enhancement option either as it has too many serious side effects. It’s about a high-quality penis extender.

Penis stretching with a penis extender is a safe and effective way to improve the penis size and strengthen erections with few to no side effects. Let’s find out how penis stretching works which penis extend truly work.

Penis stretching
how is works

When it comes to enlarging small penises, penis stretching can really help – depending on which penis stretching method you’d choose. Penis stretching involves using a special traction device or your hands to enlarge the girth and length of the short dick. Penis stretching usually takes up to 6 months to reach male enhancement results. Manual penis stretching can provide temporary results, yet there are no scientific proofs that it really works.

On the other hand, a penis extender offers permanent results. Even though some random reviews suggested that penis stretching exercises can make a short dick longer, more research is needed to prove this fact. When it comes to a penis extender, researchers from the Italian University of Turin performed a research that found that a penis traction device helped to enlarge the penis size in a non-surgical way.

21 men took part in this 12-month research and 16 of them completed the entire experiment. They were asked to wear penis extenders for 4 to 6 hours daily for six months. Those devices consist of silicon bands that ensure the penis stays in place, plastic rings, and dynamic rods that start the traction process. The traction was increased from 600 grams during the first month to up to 1200 grams during the last month.

The results showed that the average size of the stretched dick was 3.79 inches (9.62 cm) after the sixth month and 4.45 inches (11.32 cm) in a year. The average size of the flaccid penis was about 2.82 inches (7.15 cm) at baseline and increased by 32% that equals 3.72 inches (9.45 cm) in the 12th month. The research concluded that a penis extender provided an effective, stable, and long-term penis enhancement, in the erect and flaccid states alike.

Besides penis extenders, penis stretching can be done in other ways, involving penis stretching exercises, penis pumps, and penis hanging weights. So how does it work? Read on…

How does penis stretching work?

Penis stretching methods vary and when the first method works, the other one fails. Before you choose your penis enlargement method, learn more about all available options.

Penis pumps

Although research is needed to determine the way penis pumps work, this male enhancement device can offer instant yet temporary penis enlargement. What’s a penis pump? It’s an air-filled chamber that looks like a cylinder. A penis pump is attached to your dick and pumps the air in and out of the tube of the penis pump to produce a hard erection and increase your penis size. While penis pumps ensure longer and stronger erections, they have some side effects. A lot of men who frequently use penis pumps have a tendency to over-pump. This can lead to penile injuries.

Over-pumping makes your dick fill with the increased amount of blood, resulting in overfilling the blood vessels and triggering discomfort and mild pain. Moreover, over-pumping can leave you with an abnormally hard erection that can be painful or vanish right after you stop using a penis pump.

Penis traction device

Penis traction devices, or penis extenders, are helpful in increasing the small penis size or fix its curvature. The extenders are often recommended when it comes to treating Peyronie’s disease, though more research is required to prove this fact. Unlike penis pumps, penis traction devices aid in lengthening a short penis and improve erections naturally. However, it’s critical to purchase the right penis extender, since a growing number of extenders available on the market today are of poor quality and ensure the side effects instead of the results. What’s the difference between the poor quality extenders and those of the top quality? The poor quality extenders aren’t medically or clinically approved and they might be made of harmful materials. Not to mention that it can cause penile overextension that triggers discomfort, pain, or even injuries. The top quality extenders have little to no side effects and they’re made of safe materials. Learn more about penis extenders below.


The ultimate penis extender

The MaleEdge Pro is the ultimate penis extender. This model comes with the most accessories to ensure you the best results in enhancing your penis size. Whether you’ve a small penis or an average penis size or penis extenders can help.

Stretching exercises

Manual penile stretching is believed to provide temporary male enhancement results but its effectiveness has been scientifically proven yet. Anyway, every stretching exercise is about manual tissue massaging along the penis length. This is thought to stretch the penile skin and create the micro-tears in the tissue, which can get engorged during the healing process. This might make a short penis appear a bit longer.

Some stretching exercises might aid in enlarging the penile girth. For instance, jelqing has a great effect on the erection and the penis size. Even if penis stretching exercises could help you increase your penis size, this effect would be temporary and your penis would become short again once you stop doing exercises.

When should you use a penis extender?

Many women often complain about penis sizes and say something like, “My husband has a small penis,” without realizing how devastating these words are – especially if that husband has a normal-sized dick. When should a man buy a penis extender? If the size of his erect penis is shorter than 3 inches (7.6 cm) and of the flaccid one is shorter than 1.6 inches (4 cm), this man has a small penis and needs male enhancement. Guys with micropenises might need surgery to fix their problem.

Whether your penis is small or normal-sized, you can enhance its size with the help of a penis extender. Nowadays, a penis extender is considered to be the most effective alternative to surgery.


Benefits of penis extender

Wearing a penis extender every day for a few months will make your penis bigger by the method of penis traction. Read more about how penis traction works here.

Are there any potential side effects of using a penis traction device?

As mentioned above, if you purchase a poor quality penis traction device, be ready to deal with the side effects, including injuries. After all, when you train your body in the gym, you might experience some soreness, discomfort, pain, and even injuries – especially after your first workout session. The same applies to penis extenders. Your penis is delicate and sensitive, so stretching it is no fun. Yet, the top quality extenders minimize the side effects and you might not experience any.

It’s essential to learn how to use a penis extender properly, though. Moreover, ensure you buy a clinically proven penis extender to ward off any potential drawbacks.

What is the top quality penis extender?

With tons of scams and counterfeits, finding a top quality penis traction device can be tricky. If you’re going to buy your extender online, you should be extra careful and visit only official websites of the manufacturers. Below are some of the best quality penis extenders well-known for their quality and effectiveness. If you want to enhance your small or normal-sized penis, you can use one of these extenders first. When compared to male enhancement surgery, penis extenders aren’t budget draining.


Scientifically proven and beautifully designed, the MaleEdge penis extender is the result of many years of research and hard work. MaleEdge is notable for its cutting edge technology that guarantees positive penis enlargement results. The MaleEdge extender is easy to operate and it ensures the high level of comfort, reducing the likelihood of the side effect that low quality extenders have.

The MaleEdge extender uses the ability of the body for growth. It might not help to increase a micropenis, but this extender works perfectly fine when a man has a short or normal-sized dick. When the dick is put under traction, this causes the cells to divide and then gradually multiply. This process results in permanent male enhancement. The thing is, traction stops an inhibitor that tries to prevent the cells from dividing and multiplying.
Unlike poor quality extenders, MaleEdge applies traction gradually in order to make sure that the whole penis size is increased, making the dick appear thicker and longer. It might seem to be a painful process, but the MaleEdge extender doesn’t trigger pain, discomfort, or injuries. It helps to enhance the penis bit by bit.

Maleedge pro

Multiple studies have proven that MaleEdge helps to increase the penis size by 19% in girth and by 28-30% in length. The MaleEdge extender boasts a lot of other perks, including longer and stronger erections and double money back guarantee. The extender is suitable for men of almost all ages.

The extender features the comfort accessories that make the MaleEdge traction device incredibly comfortable. There are three different MaleEdge packages available on the market today, including the MaleEdge Basic, Male Edge Extra, and Male Edge Pro. Each package usually comes with a variety of free bonuses, such as a travel bag and red gift box.

The manufacturer offers an online diary that allows you to log your traction force and daily treatment hours, as well as your MaleEdge results. You might also get access to their honestly self-reported before and after results information. This information can be used to prove that the MaleEdge extender truly works and the penis grows bigger in size. Commitment to the program is highly crucial here.

Maleedge pro PRO

Why Maleedge is the best?

The method of penis traction to enlarge your penis is by far superior to other techniques of getting a bigger penis. It’s safe, natural and the results are permanent – and if used correctly is risk and pain free.

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The final word

Finding the top quality penis extender isn’t easy and there are many factors to consider, like your lifestyle, the actual penis size, incurvated penis, Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, or post-operative erectile tissue training.

That’s why, it’s critical to talk to a medical expert – preferably, a urologist – before you buy and start using any penis traction device. If you’re healthy and you have a normal-sized penis, you can use an extender to improve your erections and make your dick longer. Purchase your penis extender on official websites to avoid scams.

And remember that not all penis traction devices are the same, albeit they do work on similar principles.