Our documentation on the effects of the MaleEdge penis extender treatment is from various sources. On this page you can see all documented MaleEdge penis extender results. We have analyzed and collected them all, and present them to you here. We’ve also analyzed our real customer self-documented before and after pictures, and summarized the results in a graph showing the various ranges of penis growth development, categorised into slow, average and fast penis growth.

Customer ’s self-reported numbers – penis enlargement results!

Our customers are offered a private online diary, where they can log the number of hours using the product, the traction level and of course the occasional measurement of length. We got access to the ones permitting this (349) and below are the results. We divided them into 3 groups according to their starting length (blue, orange, and green), and we added the results of our own survey (purple).
Interestingly the men who started out with the shortest penises, gained length seemingly quicker (blue) than the men who already had average or above average length. Also we saw that our claims from our own testing are the correct average numbers.
Self-reported numbers are very credible for science purposes, since the men are not motivated to either add or subtract from the truth.

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We have an online diary where our customers can log their daily treatment hours and traction force, and also log their MaleEdge results. Some of our users have allowed us access to their self-reported before and after results data. We’ve used this data to prove that the MaleEdge penis extender really does give you results in giving you a bigger penis when it’s used for the recommended time, and with our user’s commitment to the program. We can see that our customers get significant, real and permanent results. We have grouped the different kind of results patterns that we have seen in our data into ‘slow development’ – the few people with the slowest results, ‘average development’ – the most common results, and ‘fast development’ – the group of people showing the fastest results in growing their penis with the MaleEdge extender. We matched these results with the ones from the British Journal of Urology (BJUI) research paper, and we are happy that all of these results conclude the same thing – that the MaleEdge penis extender will give you a bigger penis permanently.


Other than our own documented data, we also have medical proof carried out by an independent third party researcher. They all show results reflective of our own data – that the MaleEdge male enhancement device will give you a bigger penis permanently. Click here to see the clinical tests or the medical journal.


We have clinical tests carried out by doctors within the scientific community, showing (in different trials) that treatment with MaleEdge penis enlarger gives you a longer, straighter and wider penis – guaranteed. Click here to read more about the clinical tests that prove the MaleEdge extender will grow your penis both in length and girth.


In the MaleEdge diary, our customers post photos throughout their penis enlargement journey. Instead of showing you intimate before and after photos, we have decided to visualize this data in graph format, to show the before and after results of using the MaleEdge penis extender. Our MaleEdge extender users have measured their penis length with a penis ruler, and have documented the results in the penis growth diary. This data shows real before and after penis enlargement results.
We’re happy to report that all data sources show the same results and conclusion – that when used correctly, the MaleEdge penis enlarger will give you real and permanent results in growing your penis.


Our penis traction device is also mentioned in an article from the British Journal of Urology (BJUI), which in essence compares all of the different medical tests regarding penis enlargement methods, and concludes again that penis traction devices, such as the MaleEdge extender, are the only safe, natural and permanent method for increasing penis size. Click here to read more about the BJUI research paper.