Do Penis Enlargement Exercises work?

Do Penis Enlargement Exercises work?

One of the topics worth exploring is the topic about penis enlargement exercises – or jelquing. There are many different versions and it is seemingly becoming a science in itself. But does such male enhancement exercises have a noticeable effect? What are the side effects? Read on as we uncover the pros and cons of penis enlargement exercises.


What Is Jelquing And How Do You Do It?

Jelquing is the use of penis enlargement exercises to get a larger penis. It is a series of stretching and lifting exercises, which are performed much like milking. Advocates claim that doing it regularly and persistently will do the trick, leaving you with a larger penis.


Penis Enlargement Exercises – A Penis Workout?

The penis is not a muscle, which is one of the reasons you can’t “bulk it up” the same way as with your biceps. Instead, the penis is made from a porous tissue that fills up with blood, expanding as it fills up. Penis elongation and enlargement are therefore based around stretching, allowing the penis to generate new cells and tissue to accommodate to the constant stretch, much like any other body part.

How Effective Is Jelquing?

There is no doubt that there are plenty of people stating that jelquing works for them. Such penis enlargement exercises are not entirely without validity, as they partially make use of the traction method. Still, doing it 5 or 30 minutes daily won’t yield any results. Sporadic jerking, like penis enlargement exercises, will not provide consistent enough traction to allow your penis to permanently stretch in a natural and sustainable manner. Instead, this method of pulling, twisting and jerking can result in some tissue damage.


Perceived gains can sometimes be the result of burst bloodvessels and scar tissue building up in the penis. Is it really worth risking your penile health and your erections for small momentary gains in size? In other words. penis enlargement exercises apply an otherwise valid method of penis strecthing, but not in a sustainable manner. While this technique is a step in the right direction, we still advice to take care not to unintentionally damage your penis, or better yet: choose a penis stretcher such as the Male Edge. Traction devices are easier to use properly and provides a more constant, hence more effective, stretch.


The Verdict

Whereas male enlargement exercises or “jelquing” have a degree of merit to them, there are still the usual issues about side effects and tissue damage. With penis traction devices it is easier to manage the force used and are easier to use correctly, thus reducing the chance for any injuries. A penis traction device wont result in any side effects, as long as used correctly. Similarly, a sustained stretch will yield better results than just the occasional “tug”.