Penis Size By Country – Average Penis Size Throughout The World

A while back, twitter user @onionslayer made an interactive map of the world’s penis size by country. This map shows us 2 things: a) That size varies a whole lot throughout the world and b) that penis size is something men and women are curious about. But as much as size can vary across the world, it can definitely vary just as much individually. Your penis size is determined by a variety of factors. Whereas the major part is genetics, studies show that the right diet can be essential during adolescence. Getting the right vitamins and avoiding malnutrition is an important factor in healthy development. Similarly the exposure to certain chemicals through substances such as pesticides, can also have a negative effect. However there are no foods that increase penis size as an adult. If you are not satisfied with your country’s ranking and are determined to do something about it, have a look at our Male Edge penis extender

What Is The Average Penis Size In The World?

Unfortunately this map does not tell us so. It is hard to tell, as populations are different. India and China are both very populos nations with relatively low scores according to this map, so they would both drag down the “world average”. If we are to believe this map, the average would still be hard to determine, as the national average ranges from 9.66 cm (3.8 inches) to 17.93 cm (7.1 inches). The median however, is 13.8 cm (5.4 inches). Many different studies have been carried out, and it is hard to say what the average penis size is exactly. The general consensus when viewing the different studies, is that the average penis size is between 12.9 and 15 cm. However instead of seeing how you measure up to others, consider whether you yourself are happy with your own size. The map below shows the average penis size throughout the world, divided up by country. Click here to see the map.


The 10 Most Notable Penis Sizes In The World:

Top 5: (cm)Bottom 5: (cm)
Congo: 17.93India: 10.24
Ecuador: 17.77Thailand: 10.16
Ghana: 17.31Cambodia: 10.04
Colombia: 17.03South Korea: 9.66
Venezuela: 17.03North Korea: 9.66

The Merit Of The Penis Map

Of course you should take it with a grain of salt, seeing as the information is user contributed. The map does however seem to fit quite well with certain stereotypes. Remember, that just because Congo ranks the highest doesn’t mean that everyone there packs a jackhammer – there are presumably as many variations in penis size as in any other national group. In fact, we have served customers from all over the world and from any ethnicity. If you aren’t happy with your current measurements, have a look at what the Male Edge penis enlargement can do for you, whether it is measuring you up to your country’s average or standing out from the crowd. Here you can find more information about the science of the average penis size: