How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

If you have made it to this point, you know what our message is: Penis enlargement DOES work. We have heard it from hundreds of happy customers, it has been proven by scientific research – this is a fact.

The one question that we would like to take a closer look now is not the IF, but the HOW.

We will take more time explaining to you, what happens when you apply the MaleEdge Penis Enlarger and how the natural process of penis enlargement takes place.
Most of us – I may claim each of us – has seen a penis grow. When a man has an erection, his penis grows – one may grow more, one may grow less. This all depends on the individual body. But this growth is of course only temporary and has a completely different purpose. There is a different way of growing your penis though – by cell growth and penis traction.
When you wear the device for just a short a period of time – the cells react by dividing themselves – the so called “cytokinesis”.
You do not feel anything at all, but surely and slowly the tissue cells reproduce themselves, and the tissue is getting larger. As you go along and use MaleEdge, your penis will grow, because new cells are growing. One more important thing: the penis enlargement results are permanent, so once you decide you have gained enough penis size, you simply stop the treatment. No need to continue the treatment to keep what you have achieved.
Furthermore; some tissue cells grow in another direction than the traction, which results in increased girth as well. So not only does the penis NOT get thinner from the treatment, it gets thicker as well as longer.
We have received many mails from our happy customers, and in the future you will be able to read more about them here on the blog. On average the men using Male Edge saw a significant increase in penis length and girth – 28 % in length and 19 % in girth.